Prokuplje film festival - ProFiFest 2020

Posted on 11 apr 2020 by Admin   |    ProFiFest

The selectors selected the films to compete for one of the ProFiFest awards, and, as every year, they are divided into five categories: short feature, animated, documentary, experimental and home-made

The scheduled date for ProFiFest is June 3-6, 2020, but due to the current worldwide Korona virus pandemic, it is likely that Festival will be delayed. The complete program, as well as the time and place of the screenings will be announced later, that is, when the conditions for the smooth running of the Festival are met.

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New documentary film - My Fight

Posted on 29 mar 2020 by Admin   |    Production


The Film Club Prokuplje has made a new documentary called My Fight.

This movie is about little Nikolina Josic, a brave girl who had to fight tumors, together with her family.

The film was also screened at the Vilin grad cinema in Niš, and to  be shown in Belgrade, at the Belgrade Film Festival in the category Domestic Panorama, as well as at the Golden Flask in Velika Plana.

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