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The Film Club Prokuplje implements projects aimed at educating children and young people, spreading civic culture, respecting diversity and protecting human and minority rights, as well as protecting the environment.

Certainly, the biggest and the most important project is the ProFiFest Film Festival - which has started before the formal registration of the Club. In addition to the screening of films, Festival also organizes interviews with authors, tribunes, debates, workshops for children and young people, tours around Serbia and the region, various movie quizzes, excursions, parties, concerts and the like. This project was supported by numerous local donors, as well as the Ministry of Culture, the city of Prokuplje and the US Embassy in Serbia.

In the field of culture, we also organize various movie nights in cooperation with Embassies, Cultural Centers and Festivals from different countries, so the audience in Prokuplje has the opportunity to see films different from those available on television, as well as to be educated  about the cultures of different countries.

We are the authors of many films with educational content, which are used to educate the population, at first locally and around the world. Some of the films made with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Informing are "100 Years since the Toplica Uprising" and "Boža Ilić". With the assistance of the Ministry of Local Self-Government, projects for the preservation of minority rights were realized through the filming and broadcasting of the films "We Live Together" and "Learn Together".

We organized various film workshops where young people learned the basics of film art. Some of them are "Be Creative", "Let's Learn About Film", "Movie in School Classes", "School of Journalism", and even the project "Film Against Prejudice", where young people were breaking prejudices among members of the Serbian community and Roma national minority. These projects were implemented with the assistance of the City of Prokuplje, the Ministry of Education and the TRAG Foundation.

The Film Club Prokuplje is also involved in environmental protection, and the most successful film is "Aladdin and the Magic Bucket", which has won 10 major awards and participated in over 200 film festivals around the world . In addition to this film, the Eco Film Camp project was implemented, under the patronage of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, with the aim of cleaning the environment and raising environmental awareness through the production of environmental films.

Future Projects

The Film Club Prokuplje continues to carry out projects in accordance with its goals and mission in the forthcoming period and invites all local and foreign donors to support our work with the aim of developing our local community.


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To educate children and young people about spreading civic culture, preserving the environment, respecting diversity and preserving human and minority rights by making and broadcasting films, organizing tribunes and workshops mainly in the territory of Prokuplje, but also throughout Serbia and abroad.

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